• To prevent your wet carpet

    Take care not to hurt yourself with carpet tucks or you may end up putting yourself at risk of an infectious disease. If only a small portion of carpet got wet, then pull up the wet carpet to dry and cut away wet padding.Flood water can make your carpet contaminated with all sorts of infectious organisms including germicides and bacteria. However, if your carpet has remained submerged under water for more than 24 hours or sewage-contaminated floodwater has caused extensive damage to your carpet, then it is considered best to discard it for health safety reasons as mold can pose respiratory illnesses. Let it remain for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly to make your carpet free from any residual bleach. If you want to clean a glued wet carpet, it is advisable to do the clean-up process in a place where the carpet is spread out on the floor, preferably a room having sloped concrete floors along with a working drain.

    You need to begin the clean-up process of the carpet as early as possible to prevent it from further damage. Remove water from your wet carpet at the earliest while prioritizing the safety and well-being of your family and yourself. It is best to place your wet carpet under the sun. Then you can apply the cat-sand to your carpet using a broom or a rake until the wetness is completely gone. Always wear rubber gloves and use a plastic brush to rub the solution into the carpet.

    To prevent your wet carpet from any further damage and discourage the growth of mold and mildew, rinse with a solution of 2 tablespoons of bleach added to 1 gallon of water. You can use a fan to circulate air above the carpet, and lift the carpet to help it dry underneath. You may be able to clean your carpets and rugs, but make sure to discard and replace carpet pads and foam pads at the earliest. The best thing is to roll up your wet carpet for drying at a sloping driveway.

    Cleaning a water-soaked carpet after a flood can be a tiring job as it contains mud, sewage, silt and mildew. . However, caution should be exercised while using cat-sand (also known as diatomaceous earth) as it should not be used if there are kids or pets around the house and also it should not be inhaled. Do not use the above solution on woolen or nylon carpets and make sure to disinfect the slab or subfloor before replacing the carpet. However, if the carpet can't be removed, dry it as quickly as possible by using a wet and dry vacuum and dehumidifier to help remove moisture and avoid growth of mildew. Another option for removing water from your wet carpet is using a Wet-Vac. You can take your wet carpet (unless it is glued down) and rugs outdoors or to a dry concrete area like your garage floor, preferably under the sun and hose them down. Using these tips LED G9 Light can help your carpet become ready for use once again. Cat-sand is also helpful for getting rid of foul smell from your carpet for sure.

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